Teaching, Training and Coaching Dental Practices in Marketing, Ethical Sales and Leadership.

Marketing Training & Courses

Having a team that trusts and understands the marketing you provide will produce the highest results. Marketing Training & Course work will provide that trust as well as the right strategies to have more new patients, higher retention and increased case acceptance.

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Sales Training & Courses

You do not have to 'sell' dentistry. Empowering your dental team to have the right context, strategies and tools to engage patients can be made easy with the right training. Booking a training session gives your team higher confidences, greater purpose and most of all the highest results.

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Leadership Team Motivation Training & Courses

To lead a team of accountable and productive health professionals your team needs to know where they are going and what purpose they have. We provide one-one training as well as group courses in leadership that produces the happiest team and happier patients.

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Enhance Life Dental Solutions creates more new patients, happier teams and greater leaders for dentistry.

Every dental practice see more patients than a appointed GP as a patient is due to see their dentist twice a year. Dentist have an amazing opportunity to impact so many lives because they have a chance not only to care for their patients teeth but also care for ones total health.

The vision for Enhance Life Dental Solutions is to enhance the lives of 1,000,000 people through dentistry by 2025!

Not only patients but the lives of the professionals that provide the care.

How we will do this.. is by engaging more dental practices to begin impacting their patients live beyond their teeth. Educating patients of the oral systemic connection allows patients to see the value of dentistry beyond basic cleaning. Using the right marketing, systems, patient educational tools and having clear leadership will allow your dental practice to thrive and impact a community rather than just fill holes in teeth and your schedule.

Do you want happier teams driving the practice and creating more health?

Enhance Life Dental Solutions isn’t just looking to create healthier patients we are looking to have healthier happier dental teams. Having leaders that love going into the practice and seeing the impact they have on the lives of others. The Enhance Life Dental Approach looks to have dentist leading with confidence, having happier less stressed dental teams and providing dentistry without having to sell it.

Join us in having dentistry lead our community to a healthier world!