The Time Is Now For Dentistry!

With Covid-19 still at our doorsteps the question we are asked the most is “Is this the right time to offer Total Health Screens to dental patients?”. This month we share some amazing insight on implementing Total Health Screens for dental patients. These clinicians implementing Total Health Screens are the people who are creating the shift […]

Dental Therapist Is Back At Work Screening Patients!

Following a return to work from furlough leave, Sophie Fleming a Dental Therapist from Chester, shares her story on how implementing health screening at the practice has changed dentistry for her forever. Prior to Covid-19, the practice was due to commence health screening and Sophie was extremely keen to get involved with the set up and […]

There’s A Bigger Future For Dentistry – Simon Gallier

With the Covid-19 pandemic causing havoc for our healthcare system and our economy, dentistry and dental practices have an amazing opportunity to grow their healthcare offerings. This month we want to share the inspiring story of Dr Simon Gallier, BDS and his dental team who are now offering a 5 Point Total Health Screen (blood pressure, […]

How Dentistry Can Innovate During Lockdown!

We want to continue to share our immense gratitude to all the frontline workers doing everything possible to keep us safe and healthy. Healthcare is the most important function of our society. Without being healthy it can be very difficult to fully participate in, or enjoy, life. Covid-19 has exposed so many areas that need to […]

A Dentist Saved James Browns Life?

Last month’s newsletter was a dynamic piece on creating a vision for your dental practice.  This February issue we want to share a few examples of where dentistry has gone beyond oral health by connecting patients to general health and SAVED THEIR LIVES!! The idea for this issue came about when watching a film about the life of […]

Creating a 2020 plan that sticks!

Welcome to 2020 a new year and a new decade! It is amazing to look back and think that a whole decade has gone by. A new year gives us the chance to start afresh. This January issue we want to start off the year highlighting the importance of having a plan or clear vision. […]

Are Dentists the Good Guys or the Bad Guys?

Have you ever seen the movies Finding Nemo, Horrible Bosses, The Hangover trilogy, Little Shop of Horrors or even The Dentist I and II? All these movies portray dentists as crazy, negative or low on the totem pole in the medical community. The dentists are cast in negative light and are just not shown as the hero. It’s time […]

Engagement is Everything!

With only 2 months left in the year this November issue is focused on the importance of engagement. These 3 key areas of engagement will ensure greater success, healthier patients and a happier teams. The cost of not having full engagement with your patients, team and community is that your business can stall and end […]