Welcome to 2020 a new year and a new decade! It is amazing to look back and think that a whole decade has gone by. A new year gives us the chance to start afresh.

This January issue we want to start off the year highlighting the importance of having a plan or clear vision.

One of our favourite Japanese proverbs is ‘Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare’. Running and working in a dental practice is hard work. Having a defined vision for your dental practice will make it easier. 

Do you have a plan for 2020? Better yet do you have a vision for your dental practice that motivates your team, fulfils your goals and creates a world class experience for your patients?

Wanting more new patients, increased treatment acceptance or overall business growth requires an inspiring vision that lights up your team and your patients.

A vision that is quantifiable, motivating and achievable. 

A vision begins with a quantifiable goal. The goal needs to be quantifiable because you will want to have a reference point to where you are going and the ability to measure your success. This is just like a destination on a journey.

Let’s look at the vision for putting a man on the moon – John F. Kennedy declared this vision simply “To put a man on the moon and return them safely home within 10 years”. NASA then had a reference point and a timeline in which to succeed. NASA began to reverse engineer (work from the goal backward to devise a plan).

Your vision may look like this – To enhance the lives of 2000 patients by 2021 or an even greater goal. The main point here is to have point of reference that is measurable. ‘Enhance’ may include any patients who have received specific treatment which has made an impact on their lives (free from disease, straighter teeth or new implants). Your practice can measure each patient’s treatment by how you enhanced each patient’s life. 

Many dental practices share their vision as providing great dentistry with a relationship building foundation. These are great statements and are great business philosophies.

I would challenge you further to have a vision that excites you as a leader and motivates your team to really want to see the vision fulfilled.

A great motivation example is asking concrete labourers in New York City “How do you pour concrete everyday for £15 an hour?”. The response you would get form these labourers would be “We aren’t pouring concrete, we are rebuilding America!”. You can see how inspired and motivated these labourers are and what they believe in. 

Having a vision that is clearly defined and inspires motivation will be achievable. You will want to set your vision with your team. Meaning you will want their input and want their agreement that they are looking to be a part of the practice’s vision.

If you need any support creating and defining you practice vision please do not hesitate to contact us. Together we can motivate our teams to create a better world. 

Let’s have a plan for 2020 and beyond.
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