With Covid-19 still at our doorsteps the question we are asked the most is “Is this the right time to offer Total Health Screens to dental patients?”.

This month we share some amazing insight on implementing Total Health Screens for dental patients.

These clinicians implementing Total Health Screens are the people who are creating the shift our healthcare system needs to combat the obesity, diabetic and cancer crisis we have been living in way before Covid-19. Now Covid-19 is highlighting how important it is to for us to know our baseline numbers and stay healthy.

Yes, the time is now! Covid-19 keeps highlighting the fact that people with existing health conditions are more likely to be seriously affected by this pandemic.

Reports are showing that people classified as being obese have a 48% increased risk of dying from Covid-19 and that being obese may make a vaccine against the disease less effective. Those considered obese, defined as having a BMI over 30, are at greater risk from the virus in every way.

Their risk of ending up in hospital with Covid-19 increases by 113%, of needing intensive care by 74%, and of dying of the virus by 48%.

We didn’t need Covid-19 to tell us that our health levels within our society are way out of range. 

The positive news is that we have been working hard with practices to support patients to understand their baseline for health.

We had the chance to catch up with Emma Birch, Dental Therapist of Nottingham who has been implementing Total Health Screens with her patients. 

We asked Emma 3 questions to understand how health screens have impacted her patients and the practice. 

What are patients saying about Total Health Screens?
“Patients really love it. We have had people say that this is easier than trying to organise these screens with their GP and having them provided here at the practice has been really helpful”.

Do you like adding these screens to your workflow?
“I absolutely love it. The patients are happy. It’s easy to do and you feel like you are really helping people.”

Is this the right time to be offering Total Health Screens?
“It is absolutely the right time. We still have patients a bit nervous to come into the practice for treatment and these patients are happy to come in for health screens. People are now thinking of their health more than ever. So, having patients come in for a total health screen gives us the opportunity to see them and provide something really important.”

Hear more about what other dental therapists, nurses and patients are saying about offering Total Health Screens during next month’s free webinar.

Register below for 9th September 18:00 webinar!

Register below for 9th September 18:00 webinar!

Join us for “How Dental Therapists & Nurses Are Changing Dentistry Forever!”

Here is what we will be sharing:

√ How dentistry is changing forever

√ How patients are responding to Total Health Screens

√ What Total Health Screens do for your team & practice

√ Why this is the best time to offer Total Health Screens

√ What is included in Total Health Screens

√ How to implement Total Health Screens


Join Sophie Fleming and the Enhance Life Dental community in showing how dentistry can change lives, healthcare and putting the mouth back in the body by screening 1,000,000 patients by 2025!

The opportunity to use the existing patient journey allows dental practices to do more for their patients, their practice and healthcare.

Educating patients on the oral systemic connection (the connection between oral and general health) and providing patients with total health screens will give patients a baseline for health and give your practice a service offering with many benefits.