Do you want a team of accountable health professionals fulfilling your vision?

Become a leader in your community who offers a total health approach to dentistry, interdisciplinary collaboration and changes the face of healthcare!

Dentists have the ability to truly impact one’s life. Dentists enhance lives by caring for a patient’s biggest asset: their smile.

Whether addressing periodontal disease, straight teeth or full facial aesthetics, dentists look after our wellbeing and enhance who we are.

Many dental practices offer a variety of services like implants, orthodontics, and even Botox or facial fillers.

If you’re willing to offer services that include facial fillers…

…why not offer preventative health screenings as part of your dental services?

Dentists have the patient flow to offer simple communications on oral systemic systemic health in combination with total health preventative screenings that can impact patients’ lives and impact healthcare.

When patients understand the oral systemic link and that inflammation from the mouth affects the body, patients then see that dentistry is more than just teeth or a better smile.

Dentists now have the opportunity to lead a movement to impact lives and change healthcare.

Adding The Oral Systemic Connection Model® to your practice will:

Add more purpose – having a purpose driven team adding a preventative health approach will inspire and impact lives.

Add services – your dental practice will have a new level of service that offers 5 simple preventative health screenings in conjunction with your current offering.

Become a community leader of preventative health that works in collaboration with health practitioners in your area.

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