Do you want to have more patients raving about your hygiene department and asking about further treatment?

Empowering your hygienist with The Oral Systemic Connection Model® will guarantee more patients asking questions, honouring appointments and raving about dentistry!

Hygienists are the most trusted people in a dental practice. The hygiene team provides the foundation for dentistry and having a healthier mouth.

Turn your hygiene department into at patient total health centre!

Adding oral systemic education and total health preventative health screenings to your hygiene protocol gives patients the opportunity to see dentistry as more than just teeth cleaning.

The Oral Systemic Connection Model® provides your hygiene department with simple communication tools that have patients asking more questions about their oral health and how their oral health is connected to their total health.

A patient who is asking more questions is a highly engaged patient and when patients are engaged they can make better choices about their oral health and their total health.

The Oral Systemic Connection Model® offers your hygiene department:

Healthy Mouth Standard – a communication tool that has patients asking more questions about oral health and additional treatment.

Training in Oral Systemic Education – your hygiene team will combine their current hygiene protocol with the oral systemic link that shows the mouth is the gateway to the body and oral health is connected to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and other diseases.

Total Health Preventative Screenings – adding 5 baseline health screenings provides additional services that increase patient retention, engagement and shows how dentistry is a part of one’s total health and wellness. These 5 baseline screenings can be administered by your hygiene team, treatment coordinators or anyone within the dental practice excited and designated to providing these screenings.

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