Do you want your treatment coordination efforts and department to have the highest treatment acceptance?

Offering oral systemic education and additional preventative health screenings will increase treatment acceptance, add more value to the patients’ journeys and change patients’ lives!

The treatment coordinator is one of the hardest positions in a dental practice.  It requires the ability to build relationships with patients, create trust and facilitate next steps for the patient’s treatment journey.

Many patients believe dentistry is about money!

Empowering treatment coordinators with an easy system to support patients with oral systemic education and how oral health is related to overall health will increase patients’ perception and value of dentistry.

Empower your treatment coordination department to show patients how the mouth is connected to the body. 

Treatment coordinators who are implementing The Oral Systemic Connection Model® have the context to enhance patients’ lives, provide healthcare and not have to chase appointments and feel like their job is just about numbers.

When having a preventative approach that includes oral systemic education, patients see how dentistry is a part of their total health and this will remove the defence patients have towards the investment in dentistry.

The Oral Systemic Connection Model® provides treatment coordinators with an education system that opens deeper conversations, increases patient engagement and increases treatment acceptance.

Benefits of The Oral Systemic Connection Model® for the treatment coordination department are:

Treatment Coordinators are more excited about offering a new service that provides total health screenings and further oral systemic awareness. Coordinators now have a new initiative for reaching out to lapsed patients, adding more value to a consultations or treatment plans and building a trusting relationship with patients that changes lives.

Marketing is a part of the sales process and is absolutely necessary for having a thriving practice. In today’s business environment marketing has become a bit more complex and can feel overwhelming. Preventative health marketing attracts more patients and stands out over other marketing efforts. The Oral Systemic Connection Model® provides an external marketing channel and an in-house communication system on oral systemic health which shares the link of oral health to heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other diseases. Also, included in the model is the connection to your community health practitioners.

Attract more patients by showing how your dental practice offers a total health focus and offer total health preventative screenings. This also increases your word of mouth business as patients will share the impact you make on their lives.

Dental Plans that offer more! More patients opt in to dental plans that include a total health screenings package. These baseline health screenings are easy to implement and are very cost effective and offer a new service for a dental practice that truly impact lives.

Purpose driven team that wants to show how dentistry can offer more to patients’ lives, their community and change healthcare.

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