The Mouth is the Gateway to the Body – live stream lunch & learn

This live online training will guarantee the ability to impact patients’ lives, increase motivation and create a healthier nation.

Have the whole team on the same page providing the ultimate patient journey that gives teams more purpose, confidence and the assurance they are doing the best for patients.

This lunch and learn is a powerful way to excite dental teams on how dentistry is a part of one’s total health plan and completely impact your patients’ lives. Using oral systemic education, key communication tools and optional health screenings you can have the highest engaged patients that rave about dentistry 100% GUARANTEED.

This fantastic session offers hygienists great ways to build the highest patient engagement, treatment coordinators to have higher case acceptance and dentists and dental teams to lead the most ethical practice possible.

What will we get during this online training?

√ How to add oral systemic health to your practice and why

√ Breakdown of the patient journey to go from good to great

√ Complete patient & team engagement

√ 3 practice branded communication tools and screening system that saves lives

√ 100% guaranteed higher retention and case acceptance

√ Become greater leaders in total preventative health in your community

√ A purpose driven team driving the practice forward

√ Easy and simple ways to grow your practice under the highest ethics possible

√ Attract more patients

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Engage more patients and join us in creating a healthier nation!

This interactive online team presentation offers a guarantee to having the highest engaged patients, more treatment acceptance and a team excited about implementing oral systemic education.

The Treatment coordination department will be more excited and confident about adding this value to the patient journey.

The hygiene department will experience more retention, patient engagement and have patients asking about further treatment.

* Pricing includes vat and travel in Greater London. Travel outside Greater London may incur additional costs.