‘Gum disease may increase your risk of all kinds of other health complications, including stroke, diabetes and heart disease. Gum disease has even been linked with problems in pregnancy and dementia.’ – NHS

The Mouth is the Gateway to the Body

More people see the dentist than their GP each year. Each dental practice has the opportunity to go beyond hygiene and teeth care and provide higher levels of preventative health care to patients.

Your dental practice can support patients with oral systemic education, showing them the link between oral health and overall health through out the patient’s journey.

Dental practices can fill the void of preventative health screens that are crucial to one’s health and our social responsibility.

Join the Enhance Life Dental community and start having more engaged patients that see your dental practice as a leader in preventative health.

Dentistry that offers More for your patients

Dentistry does not have to come second class in the medical community. Patients do not have to see a visit to the dentist as something that takes time out of their day and causes that they have to pay for.

Patients can now receive dental care from a purpose driven team whose goal is to enhance their total health as well as their smile.

The Oral Systemic Connection Model® structures your practice to have a purpose driven team that continues to offer world class dentistry with a preventative total health approach. Having engaged patients who see your practice as a leader in preventative healthcare.           

Training in Oral Systemic Delivery
Your team will receive training that provides patients with preventative health total education. This training is crucial to have total engagement for both your dental team members and patients.

Digital Oral Systemic Communications
Your practice will have critical literature and a your own branded digital patient portal. This gives your patients the paperless journey needed to communicate Covid-19 protocols, medical history, healthy mouth assessments and more..

Preventative Health Screenings Kit
In as little as a few minutes, your patients will be able to receive a preventative health screening session creating a baseline to lead a healthier life.  These health screenings provide what the healthy ranges are for your patients as well as the connection to oral health.

7 components To The Oral Systemic Connection Model®

Preventive Care over Reactive:

Enhance Life Dental Solutions (ELDS) will provide the teaching, training and coaching to create a preventative health focused practice that has a clearer vision, purpose and values to continue to support patients with world class dentistry and their total health. We will provide the training and guidance to having your team focused on a patient’s overall health and educating the patient on potential problems, which they encounter during their examination. Your team will be supporting patients with solutions to their situations, before they get bigger and more expensive, using the oral systemic connection.

Engagement of the Team:

Once the training has been initiated your dental practice will shift to the preventative model that will mean your dental team knows emphatically their roles and responsibilities and creates a practice that is a community centre for preventative healthcare. You will receive a set of systems and tools which equips your dental team to know what is expected of them, from setting goals to holding each other accountable for their roles. Empowering your team to carry out their responsibilities with the proper patient flow.

√ Have a Patient-Centered Education System installed:

Beyond delivering world class dentistry, you and your team will be educating your patients about their treatment and the oral systemic connection using the oral systemic communications package in conjunction with your existing protocols. These oral systemic communication materials are highly effective engagement tools for both your team and your patients.

√ Optional Preventative Health Kit

Having the preventative health kit provides your practice with the ability to offer optional key health screenings that support your patients with their overall health. Your dental practice can add to the patient’s journey a short health assessment that will increase your patients’ engagement and positively impact their lives.

√ Inter-Disciplinary Collaboration:

Be recognised as the authority within your field of expertise. Share within a network of other like-minded individuals your work and commitment to oral systemic health by actively participating in organisations that are geared towards the cause of getting people healthier. ELDS will support in the introduction to some providers that can help you and your patients live healthier lives.

√ Community-Cause Based Engagement:

ELDS will help support your practice with your first community engagement function. Whether organising or supporting your favourite cause, sponsoring a 10K run or holding a health expo, your practice will have an opportunity to engage and attract ideal patients. Reach out to other individuals that share your passion and have fun! You will make new social connections while doing something positive for your community and others.

√ Solvency:

Having a team of healthcare crusaders delivering dentistry with added preventative screenings removes many barriers and lowers the belief that dentistry is just about money. When your practice puts health first, more patients want to invest in being healthier and enhancing their lives. Your practice attracts ideal patients who want support to lead healthy lives.

What your Dental Practice will Receive?

Benefits of The Oral Systemic Connection Model®

√ More engaged patients and team

√ Higher team morale and less need to sell

√ Enhance your patients’ total health

√ Impact healthcare

√ Added value services for your patient consult

√ Higher retention and case acceptance

√ System to reactivate non-active patients

√ Clearer vision, purpose and values

√ A leader in preventative healthcare

√ Higher patient referrals

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